Story Behind the Shirt Rattlesnake Tee & Croptop

In preparation for the Rattlesnake Festival in Apache Oklahoma we wanted to create a shirt that would be perfect for the festival. This is kind of our plan for any pop-up/festival event that we participate in. We also felt that these shirts are a great representation of Oklahoma and the Okie Girl. We wanted to add the crop top to reach the younger generation since we have one of those ourselves. We plan to have crops for all our designs, but this was our first one. What better than to have an actual rattle snake head and tail on the tee? We had a couple come by and buy one of the tees. Part of buying a tee meant they could sign our banner. The lady signed her daughter's name as that is who the shirt was for. The reason she got this for her daughter?? Her daughter was actually bitten by a rattlesnake. WOW!!! A few minutes later and a group of girls come by and one of them says "I bet that is the one she got me." I asked "Are you Miranda?" She started laughing and had to come over and snap a quick selfie with me. Yup we met the daughter. She was definitely an Okie Girl and lives to tell the tale. Stay True, Stay Okie!!! 


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