Story Behind the Shirt the Logo

Designing a logo can definitely feel very overwhelming. I was feeling it with this design. You know when you have an idea in your head and you just want to bring it to life, that's where I was. The colors really were all about aesthetics. I do like bright colors but to stay with that kind of vintage, rustic, Okie Girl feel I went with the gray and black. I knew I needed to incorporate the state of Oklahoma. I added the heart in the middle because I have lived in several areas of Oklahoma, as far south as Altus and as far north as Bixby and a few in between. It seemed only fitting to place it in the middle. The name was by far the easiest since I had been playing around with it for awhile. I had to do some research to ensure that the name was not already being used. I knew I wanted 2022 on it as this is the year we were established and I do not want to forget when it all started. I wanted the logo round because I knew it would be easy to turn it into a decal to hand out. I played around between barbwire and rope as the edge and decided on the barbwire as it fits well with my vision of "Okie Girls." Okie Girls are strong as nails and dangerous as barbwire. We look sweet, little, and innocent but get too close and you will get tangled in a web of spikes. We know how to hold our own and protect those we love. Stay True, Stay Okie!!!
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