Story Behind the Shirt Tornado and Windmill

How do you encompass the essence of an Okie Girl in a tee shirt?? That is the question I ask with every design that we (myself and family) come up with. Every one of our shirts is an original design and we pride ourselves on that. This shirt in particular was all about what is one of the first things y'all think of when y'all think Oklahoma...."wind." If it's not windy in Oklahoma, we are extremely grateful, but those days are few and far between. When I came up with this design I was thinking of some of the most powerful representations of wind in Oklahoma, thus the windmill and tornado. I know times are a changin, and the old-school windmill is not used as much as the new turbines we see in different parts of the state, but these ole windmills are ones that I remember from my childhood growing up. They are works of art in and of themselves. The tornado was a no-brainer, y'all cannot think Oklahoma without tornados. They are the forces of nature that we deal with every year. Now to the best part of why these two representations for an Okie Girl Apparel tee. Okie Girls are forces of natures as well, they are powerful and strong-willed. They look in the face of danger and keep moving forward. They are not invincible, but always remain standing. They are forever rooted in this state no matter where they end up in life. Try as we might, get us wound up enough, and that Oklahoma accent comes pouring out mixed with a little bit of attitude. We are the strong and mighty women of this great state. This is also the tee shirt that we thought would look better on none other than a true grit Okie Girl, Carrie Underwood. We sent her a few sizes and are keeping our fingers crossed to see a picture of her in this one. We all watched her represent all us small town girls when she took the stage on American Idol. One of her first songs "Blown Away" is perfectly fitted to this shirt. Even though she is now hosting CMAs, rocking out concerts, and traveling all over, we know that her heart is still here in her home state. Stay True, Stay Okie!!
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