Just A Small-Town Girl

Okie Girl Apparel is made for those girls that ain’t just “sugar and spice and everything nice.” It is for the sassy, fancy, tomboy, bossy, hardworking, fast driving, and sometimes cussin; mommas, daughters, sisters, grandmas, nieces, cousins, and aunties. Those women that live and breathe Oklahoma. They can be a million miles away but still need that sweet tea with a perfect sunset over the lake. Their vocabulary is a mix of y’all, fixin, ain’t, and bless your heart. We are the women that cannot imagine being prouder of our roots and where we came from.

Okie Girl Apparel is a woman veteran family owned and operated business. We pride ourselves on providing a product that women all over can be proud to wear. We live for being unique and authentic.

We welcome all the “Okie Girls” out there to shop our products!!

Stay True, Stay Okie!!

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